Jim Rohn – The No Excuse Guide For Success

No matter how tough the road to personal achievement gets, we will always have some guidance in the form of Jim Rohn’s wisdom. Celebrate his life and legacy with some of his most insightful talks.


take full responsibility for what happens to you.

It’s one of the highest forms of human maturity, accepting full responsibility.

It’s the day you know you’ve passed from childhood to adulthood, the day you accept full responsibility.

And another note, learn to reap in the fall without apology. without apology if you do well, and without complaint if you don’t,

that’s maturity.

I used to have that long list of reasons why I wasn’t doing well.

To explain, you got to explain right? Otherwise, you’re gonna look bad. I used to have this funny list called reasons for not looking good.

I used to blame the government.

I mean, you can believe that or not, it was at the top of my list. I had a lecture second to none. The government that was on the list.

I used to blame taxes. Look what you got left after they take everything.

And they expect you to do well.

That was on the list their

prices. That one’s easy, right? You walk into the supermarket with $20 come out with a little half bag.

I had that on the list.

I used to blame the weather. I blame the traffic. I used to blame my car. I blame the manufacturers.

I used to blame the company.

I blamed company policy. I used to blame the training programme.

I blame my negative relatives, they were always putting me down.

I blame my cynical neighbours. They’re just selfish looking out for themselves won’t loan your money. They were on my list.

I used to blame the economy.

I blame the community.

That’s a pretty good list for not doing well, isn’t it? I thought it was good.

I’ll never forget one day. Mr. shelf is very kind. But he was also very blunt.

And this was no exception. And I’m glad he was blunt. There’s a lot of things I’d have missed if he hadn’t been blunt.

One day with sort of a curious look on his face. He said Jim, just out of curiosity, tell me how come you haven’t done well, up until now?

Excellent question.

I thought well, so I won’t look too bad. I’ll go through my list.

And this list I just gave you I put that on him.

And he was very patient. He let me go through the whole thing. The government the weather, I went through this whole thing. When I finished he looked my list over very carefully. He said Mr. Own big problem with your list, you ate on it.

how brilliant.

When I went to work for him a few months later, I learned very quickly to tear up my list reasons for not doing well. And I throw it away. And I got me a fresh piece of paper. And I put one word on it. Me.

There’s a Black Heritage spiritual that says it’s not my mother nor my father nor my brother nor my sister. But it’s me, O Lord standing in the need of prayer.

See, I used to blame everything outside. And then let me give you a little philosophy that helped turn my life around

for your notes. Here it is.

It’s not what happens.

that determines the quality or the quantity of your life. It’s not what happens.

And the reason is because what happens happens to about everybody, no different.

The sun went down on all of us last night,

a common event A happening.

And I found out that the same things can happen to two different people. One gets rich in one stays poor. Why is that? It’s because it’s not what happens but rather it’s what you do. That changes everything.

So that’s a key phrase. It’s not what happens. It’s what you do.

What happens is about the same you might put that in parentheses here. Same what people do. That’s what’s different.

Anything can happen, right? everything can happen. I’ve heard all the stories. I’ve been one of the stories.

Hey, we could all

tell stories all night long right happenings.

Anything can happen. Have you heard of Murphy’s laws? Anybody here heard of Murphy’s laws? Okay most of you have Murph had these laws. One of them was if anything can go wrong it will. That’s one of Murphy’s laws.

He was not one of the great positive speakers of the day. But anyway, it’s still true though right? Anything can go wrong, everything can go wrong. For sure.

I’ve fallen out of the sky so many times

once to the tune of a couple of million

devastating took me a while to survive that one.

Now, it wasn’t all that much, but it was all I had.

I mean, that’s when it’s much right when that’s all you got. If you got three to go, you got one left. You ain’t looking that bad. But when it all goes, Has anybody been here when it all went? Anybody? Come on rescue liars.

Hey, we’ve all been there right? Where did it all wind

course used to be a long time ago right? When you ran out of money. You got to zero you were all through hick. Now you can whistle right on by zero.

They will bury you. That’s what they will do.

But see, those are the happenings right? everything can happen. Anything can happen.

But it’s not the happenings. It’s what you do about it. Somebody says Yeah, but you don’t understand the disappointments I’ve had.

Come on. Everybody’s had their share. disappointments are not special gifts reserved for the poor.

Everybody has them. The difference is what you do about.

It’s not the weather. I used to blame the weather. And I discovered it rains on the rich. So see, that won’t help.

Two men wake up one morning, there’s a rainstorm on one of them, looks out his window sees the rainstorm, and he says, Wow, what a storm with weather like this. They can’t expect you to go out and make sales. He stays home.

Same morning, the other guy looks out his window sees the same storm says Wow, what a storm. But he says you know what, with weather like this, what a great day to go out and make sales. Most everybody will probably be wrong.

Especially the salesman.

See, that’s the difference in how your life works out. It’s not what happens. It’s what you do. So here’s one of the key questions of the evening. Starting tomorrow. What are you going to do that will make a change in your life’s direction?

Good question. What are you going to do starting tomorrow that’ll make a difference.

Now see, if you don’t do something starting tomorrow, that will make a difference. Guess what?

It’s gonna be the same.

And see that way you can guess what the next five years are going to be like, look at the last five.

Because the next five are going to be like the last five unless you made your key tomorrow, change it all. Or change a little or change something or don’t change. Its choice time you can do whatever you want. But it’s nice to know any day you wish you can change your whole life.

What can you do starting tomorrow, that’ll make a difference.

Good question.

What can you do with economic chaos, massive disappointment. What can you do with a broken heart? What can you do with a won’t work? Good question.

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